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Other Loan Types

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Construction Loans:

Whether it’s a manufactured home or a dream home needing a loan of $3,000,000 to buy and remodel a new property or remodel and existing property, a construction loan can be a good solution for baby boomers, or first time buyer or downsizing veterans. Some of the benefits are:

  • Construction and permanent financing with a single closing
  • Available for new construction or major remodel of an existing property
  • Primary residence and second home financing available
  • Borrow up to $3,000,000
  • Finance up to 90% LTV
  • Up to 18 month construction period
  • Financing is also available on new manufactured homes

USDA Loans

The United States Department of Agriculture loan program allows financing of 100% of purchase price with a 3.5% Guarantee Fee financed into the loan. There is no monthly mortgage insurance and the borrower doesn’t have to be a first-time home buyer, but cannot own “adequate housing in the local commuting area.” The property needs to be a maximum of 5 acres and seller paid closing costs are acceptable.

Reverse Mortgage

With a reverse mortgage a veteran or baby boomer can use their home as security for a loan. This is just like a traditional mortgage. With a traditional mortgage the borrower makes monthly payments until the loan is paid in full. With a Reverse Mortgage you never make payments. The idea behind a Reverse mortgage is to convert the equity in your home to cash without having to sell the house. This provides money for improving the finances of many seniors. These may or may not be appropriate for your situation, please contact me for further information.

Bridge Loans for Upsizing or Downsizing

Bridge Loan Financing is for buyers looking to purchase a new home without having sold their current primary residence. There are various ways to originate bridge loans. My partners can customize a loan to obtain the equity from a buyer’s current home [if for example they are downsizing to a smaller home with a VA loan and selling their current home, a bridge loan can apply the equity from the home being sole as a down payment for the purchase of a new home. Certain restrictions apply.

Sale with Gift of Equity Loans

Fannie Mae Rules allow a qualified donor to gift the equity in a property to a qualified buyer. This is typically done between parents and children but can apply to other relationships of buyer and seller. This type of loan is less frequently encountered because many estate plans involve a property being held in revocable living trusts, revocable trusts, with life estate provisions that can cause underwriters to shy away from a transaction. Although trusts and life estates can provide a smooth transition of assets from one generation to another without subjecting the donor to gift taxes or the donee to increased property tax reassessments, because their tax basis steps up in a trust to date of death of the donor]. Since in California, life estates have value [under Medi-Cal l rules] if a donor’s name is on title the time of application for skilled nursing home care or long term care or even at time of death, Medi-Cal can place liens on equity in a home or recover costs upon death of the donor. For this reason lenders will not loan to trusts but only to people. So buying or refinancing becomes impossible for titles with trusts or life estates on the property. However, a Sale with Gift of Equity is allowed by Fannie Mae lending rules and is much cleaner from a Medi-Cal [look back or life estate] point of view. This is because it has the key advantage of “getting the asset out of the donor’s name” so there is nothing to trigger medical lookback or recovery auditing. So as part of your estate planning discussion with your attorney, you should carefully understand these issues if you plan to refinance a gifted property and you should also calculate your long term gift and capital gain tax exposures if any. It’s generally best to do a life estate and trust later after the “Sale with Gift of Equity”. As an important note, in a “Sale with Gift of Equity” loan. It’s very important to apply for the Parent Child Exemption from Re-assessment before escrow so the loan package in terms of projected property tax payments is accurate and unquestioned by the underwriters. For the latest opinion from the California State Board of Equalization and the requirements for this important alternative to estate planning click here.

Without Dan we would’ve probably abandoned the idea of buying a home in the Bay Area. What he did for us to get the home of our dreams was nothing short of INCREDIBLE. He made sure we were clear on every step of the process, and his attention to detail was impeccable. He is one of the hardest working people we have ever met–period. Super efficient, responsive, honest, with the heart of a lion. He pulled MANY rabbits out of hats for us, and all the while he was very enjoyable to work with day to day. He always made us feel like we were his only client. You need Dan in your life if you are buying or selling. Our realtor for life!

- Marilla and Adan Pulido (US Marine Veteran)–Happy Homeowners in Half Moon Bay, CA